Our main goal is to safeguard your hard-earned money while ensuring unwavering compliance with tax regulations. Explore the reasons why countless businesses and individuals prefer our services.

Base Pricing Packages

  • Basic Tax Return Package $550
    (no Schedule A included)
  • Itemization Package$650
    (Schedule A included)
  • Mobile Tax AppointmentVaries
    At Your Convenient Location
  • Hourly Rate$350/hour
    For Consultations, Representation, and Tax Planning

Entity Services

  • Business & Entity Tax Preparation$2,000+
    Financial Statements Provided by Client (Asset Management, Basis Calculations, and Multiple Schedules Extra)
  • Consultation and System Setup $500
    For New Entity Bookkeeping/Record Keeping
  • Periodic Bookkeeping Services$125/hour
    For Existing Entities
  • Bookkeeping Services$80/hour
    For Existing Entities / Data Entry Only

Additional Items

  • Schedule C Profit or Loss from Business$250/business
  • Schedule E for Rental Real Estate$250/property
  • Section 199A Qualified Business Income Deduction$150
  • Home Office Deduction$100
    (Form 8829)
  • Reconciliation of Sales and Disposition of Capital Assets$60
    (Form 8949)
  • Capital Gains and Losses$10/Trade or $75/Summary Report
    (Schedule D)
  • Income or Loss from Rents/Royalties$200/property
    (Schedule E, Page 1)
  • Income or Loss from S Corporations/Partnerships$75
    (Form K-1 Entry)
  • Sale of Business Property$250/item sold
    (Form 4797)
  • Sale of Primary Residence$250
  • Unreimbursed Employee Business Expenses$125
  • Education Credit Analysis$100
  • Amended Returns$500
    (Form 1040X/Schedule X)
  • Complex Returns Review$350
    Revisits, Research, Accounting and Compiling

Please note our price list reflects competitive market rates. All quotes are estimates based on information provided and actual prices may vary depending on tax filing requirements.